The Best Commercial Coffee Grinder, According to Hundreds of Customer Reviews

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Whether it’s for a small coffee shop or a large, upscale restaurant, there’s one piece of equipment just about every food establishment needs: a commercial grade coffee grinder. From finishing a meal with delicious espresso shots or grabbing a brew coffee on the way to work, a well-crafted coffee drink is a key item on any menu and loved by many.

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A good commercial coffee grinder is vital in a coffee shop or other beverage service company

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That said, it’s not imperative to have the most expensive coffee grinders in town—just a quality coffee grinder that can get the job done right. That’s why it’s important to know what to look for in a commercial coffee bean grinder.

The Best Commercial Coffee Grinder—Buying Guide

There is much to consider when shopping for the best commercial coffee grinders. Size, bean type, and in-store products all play a role in the final decision. Believe it or not, coffee grinding plays an integral role in the final taste. 

The right commercial coffee grinder will have adjustable settings, matching the grind to the preparation method. Here are a few other things to consider when shopping for commercial coffee grinders.

Hopper Capacity

The first consideration is how much coffee the location goes through in the run of a day. A popular coffee shop with a hopper capacity of less than a pound could never keep up with demand. 

A restaurant that crafts espresso drinks on demand, however, could handle a small dedicated espresso grinder. With hoppers ranging from less than a pound to as much as 12 pounds, there’s an option for almost any establishment.

Beans, Beverages, or Both?

What does this establishment sell? If the location is offering to grind whole beans on the spot, as many coffee shops do, it’s important to have a commercial grinder that can handle a bag of beans at a time. 

Even better, some commercial coffee grinders have settings specifically to handle filling bags. On the other hand, if you’re only selling handcrafted beverages, an espresso grinder may be all the coffee shop needs.

Stepped or Stepless Grinder

Stepped grinders have settings for the ideal grind depending on the coffee preparation method, whereas stepless grinders can be adjusted in microscopic increments to achieve a personal ideal grind. 

Stepless grinders may be useful for a professional, but a fast-paced environment with a less knowledgeable barista may do better with stepped grinders.

Burr Grinders

There are two types of burr grinders available: flat burr grinders and conical burr grinders. While flat burrs are the more common type, and the most prevalent on this list, there are many excellent conical burr grinders as well. 

As suggested, the conical burr grinder uses a cone-shaped center burr, along with an outer, more sawtoothed burr. Flat burr grinders have two wheel-shaped burrs that face each other. This method provides a more uniform grind.

Thomas’ Top Picks for the Best Commercial Coffee Grinder 2022

Whether you need a commercial espresso coffee grinder or a more general commercial coffee grinder, our list has coffee grinders to suit almost any need. Keep reading for our top commercial coffee grinders.

Best Double Hopper Commercial Coffee Grinder: Bunn 26800.0000 LPGE | Buy Now

Best Grinder for 1-pound Bags of Coffee Beans: Bunn 22104.0000 | Buy Now

Best Hi-Speed Commercial Espresso Grinder: Eureka Zenith Neo 65 E | Buy Now

Best Steeped Commercial Coffee Grinder: Baratza Forte BG Brew Grinder | Buy Now

Best Switch and Sensor Coffee Grinder: Bunn G3HD Bulk Coffee Grinder | Buy Now

Best Commercial Coffee Grinder with Smart Hoppers: Bunn 35600.0020 BrewWISE MHG | Buy Now

Best General Bulk Commercial Coffee Grinder: Bunn 22100.0001 G3 HD | Buy Now

Best Vertical Flat Burr Commercial Coffee Grinder: Mahlkonig EK43S | Buy Now

Best Stepless Commercial Coffee Grinder: Eureka Drogheria MCD4 85 | Buy Now

Best Commercial Espresso Grinder: Cecilware HC-600 Venezia II | Buy Now

Scroll down to read more about these top picks for the best commercial coffee grinders, according to many happy buyers.

*Prices listed in this article were as shown in US$ on,, and as of November 2022

1. Best Double Hopper Commercial Coffee Grinder—Bunn 26800.0000 LPGE Coffee Grinder Machine

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Designed to be low profile in any restaurant or cafe, the Bunn 26800.0000 LPGE is a double-hopper grinder and one of the best coffee grinder options on our list. With a combined hopper capacity of 12 pounds, this coffee grinder uses precision burr grinders to craft the perfect coffee grounds. This allows for the ideal extraction of flavor with every brew. The motor is quiet but with high torque, offering a quick grind every time.

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“We supply coffee to the local university's athletic dept,” one customer wrote, “but needed to ensure that the coffee they made for themselves was going to be to the same standards we hold for our coffee. This unit allows me to set the grind and qty for two different beans. It's fantastic! And we have not had a service call from the facility in 2 years.” 


Capacity: 6 lbs per hopper

Burr Grinder: Flat

Height: 17.5 inches

Stepped or Stepless: Stepped

BUY NOW: US$939, Webstaurant Store 

2. Best Grinder for 1-pound Bags of Coffee Beans—Bunn 22104.0000 Professional Coffee Grinder

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For any business that provides freshly-ground coffee beans, it’s important to have a grinder that can quickly and properly grind each bag on demand. The Bunn 22104.0000 grinds one pound of fresh coffee beans in a matter of 30 seconds. This prevents the beans from becoming overheated, which affects the overall flavor. Choose from a variety of grinds, ranging from coarse to fine, for whatever brew method is called for.

FullHD_best-grinder-for-1-lb-bags-of-coffee-beans2-min.jpg - 2 hours ago

“Most restaurants will never need any other grinder,” one reviewer wrote. “The Bunn G1 is built to a very high standard. You can grind a full pound of coffee beans quicker than it will take to read this.” Another customer wrote, “Love our grinder! It's great quality and heavy-duty. Easy to use dial adjustment, grind is consistent, and is a nice space saver. Highly recommend this grinder!”


Capacity: 1 lb

Burr Grinder: Flat

Height: 22 ⅝ inches

Stepped or Stepless: Stepped

BUY NOW: US$969, Webstaurant Store

3. Best Hi-Speed Commercial Espresso Grinder—Eureka Zenith Neo 65 E Espresso Coffee Grinder

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For a high-end grind that provides the perfect pull of espresso, look no further than the Eureka Zenith Neo 65 E commercial espresso grinder. This espresso grinder can program two separate dosage options, and has a grind adjustment so fine it’s measured in micrometers. Both the portafilter angle and the dispensing spout are adjustable, plus it has an anti-clumping device. This all combines for a convenient yet perfect result. 

FullHD_best-hi-speed-commercial-espresso-grinder2-min.jpg - 2 hours ago

“I had so much fun getting this set up,” wrote one reviewer of this commercial grinder. “It was so easy and intuitive. Was able to get my grind dialed in within minutes. You can get such a fine grind out of this machine. I’m excited to see the impact it has on my cafe, it’s quieter, faster, and cleaner than my last grinder and I think it’s going to make a huge difference.”


Capacity: 3 lbs

Burr Grinder: Flat

Height: 23.5 inches

Stepped or Stepless: Stepless grind adjustment

BUY NOW: US$999, Seattle Coffee Gear

4. Best Stepped Commercial Coffee Grinder—Baratza Forte BG Brew Grinder

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When it comes to stepped grinders, the Baratza Forte BG Brew Grinder is specifically designed to handle multiple brew methods. Created for medium and coarse grinds, this coffee grinder uses precision weight control to dispense the exact amount of ground coffee desired. It has an LCD digital display, and three programmable weights. It’s a stepped grinder, so it has markings for easy adjustability from one setting to the next.

FullHD_best-stepped-commercial-coffee-grinder2-min.jpg - 2 hours ago

“The Baratza keeps the grind very uniform,” wrote one customer. “I especially love the dosage by weight feature. This allows you to always get the exact amount of coffee. I typically weigh my beans in it first, then pour into the top and manually grind to the exact amount. As the dosage is weighed and ground in the same machine the dosage is as I want.” 


Capacity: 10.5 oz

Burr Grinder: Flat

Height: 14.2 inches

Stepped or Stepless: Stepped

BUY NOW: US$889.95, Seattle Coffee Gear

5. Best Switch and Sensor Coffee Grinder—Bunn G3HD Bulk Coffee Grinder

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The Bunn G3HD Bulk Coffee Grinder uses turbo action to pull coffee beans into the grinding chamber, and a cleaning lever to clear all grounds from the chamber when complete. The heavy-duty burr grinders cut, rather than crush the beans, resulting in a higher quality grind. It has a bag sensor, including a switch that shuts off the grinder when the bag is removed, preventing a mess.

FullHD_best-switch-and-sensor-commercial-coffee-grinder2-min.jpg - 2 hours ago

“We are a mail-order coffee company,” explained one reviewer, “and this grinder has seen heavy use every workday for 14 years. It finally broke. I am getting a replacement part to fix the one we have and buying a new one as well. I did have to replace the power switch two years ago, which took 15 minutes and $30. Tough to kill this machine!” 


Capacity: 3 lbs

Burr Grinder: Flat

Height: 26.8 inches

Stepped or Stepless: Stepped

BUY NOW: US$1,019 (Was US$1,776), Katom Restaurant Supply Inc.

6. Best Commercial Coffee Grinder with Smart Hoppers—Bunn 35600.0020 BrewWISE MHG

FullHD_best-commercial-coffee-grinder-with-smart-hoppers-min.jpg - 3 hours ago

With smart hoppers and BrewWISE technology, the Bunn 35600.0020 BrewWISE MHG provides a streamlined grinding and brewing process. Each of the two removable hoppers has a smart chip that specifies the type of coffee and the amount to be ground. With that information, the grinder adjusts grind time to provide grounds in the ideal consistency and volume. Each hopper has a comfortable handle to easily remove and replace as needed.

Medium_best-commercial-coffee-grinder-with-smart-hoppers2-min.jpg - 3 hours ago

“Absolutely love this coffee grinder for our bakery/coffee shop,” one customer wrote. “Such an upgrade from what we'd been using previously. We bought two extra hoppers, and they're so easy to switch in and out when we need to brew a new pot of coffee. We've even had customers remark on what a clean look they have. Very happy with this purchase.”


Capacity: 6 lbs per hopper

Burr Grinder: Flat

Height: 29 ⅛ inches

Stepped or Stepless: Stepped

BUY NOW: US$1,449, Webstaurant Store

7. Best General Bulk Commercial Coffee Grinder—Bunn 22100.0001 G3 HD

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When moving through coffee beans at a quick rate, it’s important to have a hard-working grinder that can handle the amount without sacrificing quality. The basic yet durable Bunn 22100.0001 G3 HD grinds a pound of coffee in as little as 30 seconds, and has a three-pound hopper capacity. It has nine different grind settings from coarse to Turkish to meet just about any brew preference.

FullHD_best-general-bulk-commercial-coffee-grinder2-min.jpg - 2 hours ago

“We have tried several different grinders for our small cafe,” one reviewer explained, “thinking that a big Bunn grinder was not really necessary. Very disappointed with the other grinders we tried, so decided to splurge on this one. We love the color and quality of this one. And we love that there are so many grind options!”


Capacity: 3 lbs

Burr Grinder: Flat

Height: 27 ⅜ inches

Stepped or Stepless: Stepped

BUY NOW: US$1,049, Webstaurant Store

8. Best Vertical Flat Burr Commercial Coffee Grinder—Mahlkonig EK43S

FullHD_best-vertical-flat-burr-commercial-coffee-grinder-min.jpg - 2 hours ago

The Mahlkonig EK43S has some of the largest burrs on the market. This provides users with a faster and incredibly consistent grind. It also has one of the strongest motors available in a coffee grinder. It’s able to grind an entire pound of coffee beans in less than 30 seconds. The stepless adjustment on the grind lets users tailor the grind size to their exact preferences.

FullHD_best-vertical-flat-burr-commercial-coffee-grinder2-min.jpg - 2 hours ago

“I got this a few months before opening my cafe,” one reviewer wrote, “so I’m currently using it at home. What I learned is that coffees ground with this grinder achieve a richer extraction, fuller body, and better color. If the EK weren’t so darned big I might want to keep it at home but it definitely deserves a place on the counter at my new cafe.”


Capacity: 1.75 lbs

Burr Grinder: Flat

Height: 26.75 inches

Stepped or Stepless: Stepless

BUY NOW: US$3,150, Seattle Coffee Gear

9. Best Stepless Commercial Coffee Grinder—Eureka Drogheria MCD4 85

FullHD_best-stepless-commercial-coffee-grinder-min.jpg - 2 hours ago

A straightforward coffee grinder with powerhouse features, the Eureka Drogheria MCD4 85 is easy to calibrate, even without settings. The large burrs are perfect for grinding beans in bulk for almost any brew method, and the large-format motor offers high speeds and a long life. It has a large chute, and a bag clip for convenience. The adjustment dial has markings for different brews, but can be set to any specific grind size preference.

FullHD_best-stepless-commercial-coffee-grinder2-min.jpg - 2 hours ago

“This grinder is fantastic,” one customer wrote. “We bought it for our small roasting business and it is perfect. It will grind a pound in no time. It is also significantly quieter than our Baratza Virtuoso plus that we have for home use. It is very well made, if it wasn't quite so big I would almost be willing to get one for home use also.”


Capacity: 2.2 lbs

Burr Grinder: Flat

Height: 25.5 inches

Stepped or Stepless: Stepless grinder

BUY NOW: US$849 (Was US$1,599), Seattle Coffee Gear

10. Best Commercial Espresso Grinder—Cecilware HC-600 Venezia II

FullHD_best-commercial-espresso-grinder-min.jpg - 3 hours ago

If hi-speed isn’t your style, the Cecilware HC-600 Venezia II has you covered. This espresso grinder has a micro grind adjustment, ranging from coarse to fine. There are no presets, allowing for minute control over the type of grind. It has a dosing feed mechanism for quick fills of the portafilter, and a semi-automatic timer. This controls the amount of coffee going into the doser, and automatically switches after the preset time.

FullHD_best-commercial-espresso-grinder2-min.jpg - 3 hours ago

“The hopper held a full 3lb bag of beans with room to spare. The grind is uniform and easily adjustable. The tray underneath helps to catch the mess, and makes cleanup easier. The grind switch is a timer, which is helpful when you forget you turned it on. It'll turn back off on its own. We are using this in a coffee trailer.” 


Capacity: 3 lbs

Burr Type: Flat

Height: 22 inches

Stepped or Stepless: Stepless grinder

BUY NOW: US$599, Webstaurant Store

The Best Commercial Coffee Grinders—Summary

When it comes to the best commercial coffee grinders available, there are a lot of excellent ones to choose from. For large coffee shops that are looking to splurge, we recommend the Bunn 35600.0020 BrewWISE MHG (US$1,449, Webstaurant Store). Not only does it have excellent bean hopper capacity to get you through a busy day, but the smart chips can specify grind settings, making it easier on the user. The flat burr grinder shaves rather than busts up the coffee beans, enhancing flavor.

For the best commercial espresso grinders, we recommend the Eureka Zenith Neo 65 E (US$999, Seattle Coffee Gear). This hi-speed espresso grinder has a stepless grind adjustment that allows for micrometrical changes in grind settings. It has programmable dosing options to give the ideal espresso grind consistency, and the flat burrs work quickly and deftly. In terms of commercial espresso grinders, it’s pretty much ideal.

For any coffee shops planning to grind coffee beans on demand, we recommend the Bunn 22104.0000 (US$969, Webstaurant Store). This straightforward commercial coffee grinder has multiple grind settings so your customers get the coffee grounds that match their needs, whether it’s drip coffee, brew coffee, or any other coffee drinks they love.

We hope our review of the best commercial coffee grinders has been helpful. For more suppliers of related products, including suppliers of coffee flavorings, coffee cups, coffee dispensers, and coffee filters, consult our additional guides, or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform.

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