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Tree stumps are usually left behind following the felling of a tree and can make an outside space look unsightly but, more importantly, it can be hazardous to have them scattered around. A stump grinder is a heavy-duty power tool used mainly by professional arborists for the purposes of tree stump removal. 

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Stump grinding can clean up rough terrains and prevent suckering and fungal root rots

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In addition to a felling axe, chainsaw, and a ladder, a professional tree specialist will rely on a good stump grinder to complete the job. Unsightly stumps can be removed quickly and safely by using a reliable stump grinder.

Commercial grinders are heavy and powerful, and as with most heavy-duty equipment, DIYers should take care and ensure the appropriate safety gear is used. DIYers may prefer to use a small stump grinder in a residential setting for managing their land.

Best Stump Grinder—Buying Guide

Choosing the best stump grinder may be a little tricky if it is your first time buying one as there are a few different and quite particular features to consider. This brief buying guide will look a little more in detail at the different types of stump grinders, and some of the main features to look out for when it comes to choosing one.

Types of Stump Grinders

There are different types of stump grinders available on the market today differing in design and size. Stump grinders can be categorized in two main categories: walk-behind stump grinders, and track stump grinders.

Walk-Behind Stump Grinders

Walk-behind stump grinders, also known as handlebar stump grinders, are more lightweight in design and are great for transporting from one job site to another due to their weight and size. 

Since walk-behind stump grinders are slightly more compact, they are ideal for use in tight spaces or in areas where there are a lot of trees. They are mainly used for smaller stump removal due to their lower horsepower and cutting capacity.

Track Stump Grinders

Track stump grinders, or self-propelled grinders, on the other hand, are much larger and heavier items of machinery, and are a lot better suited for complex jobs like larger stumps and bigger jobs on rough terrain, for example. 

These types of stump grinders are a lot more expensive than walk-behind grinders as they are much more powerful due to their higher horsepower and cutting capacity. These stump grinders are more appropriate for professionals in the trade and would not be suitable for residential use.


A stump grinders’ horsepower refers to how rapidly the engine works. This determines how fast the grinding speed is. Most stump grinders that are designed more for residential use, like the walk-behind stump grinder, have a horsepower ranging from 10–15 HP, with 14 being the optimum choice.

This is a sufficient amount of power for the removal of a few stumps especially if they are smaller in size. Track stump grinders, on the other hand, have a much larger engine that can range from 35 to 250 HP.

Cutting Capacity 

The cutting capacity of a stump grinder refers to the cut that the cutting wheel can achieve both above and below ground. 

Large stump grinders can usually handle larger tree stumps with a larger cutting depth, whereas handlebar stump grinders will be limited to smaller stumps.

Thomas’ Top Picks for the Best Stump Grinders 2022

Source a great stump grinder from some of the best stump grinder brands in our list of top picks below.

Best Walk-Behind Stump Grinder: Power King Stump Grinder | Buy Now

Best Alternative Stump Grinder: Power King Stump Grinder with Tow Bar | Buy Now

Best Commercial Grinder: DK2 12-in Stump Grinder | Buy Now 

Best 14in Stump Grinder: DK2 14-in Stump Grinder | Buy Now 

Best Compact Stump Grinder: All Power America Stump Grinder | Buy Now 

Best Residential Stump Grinder: Dosko Mini Stump Grinder | Buy Now 

Best for Tough Stumps: NorthStar Stump Grinder | Buy Now

Best Track Stump Grinder: Barreto Tracked Stump Grinder | Buy Now 

Scroll down to read more about these top picks for the best stump grinders, according to many happy buyers and stump grinder reviews.

*Prices listed in this article were as shown in US$ on (USA),,, and as of November 2022

1. Best Walk-Behind Stump Grinder—Power King 11-in Stump Grinder 

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Capable of turning tree stumps that are up to 11 inches above ground and nine inches below into wood chips with ease, the Power King stump grinder relies on a powerful 14HP Kohler engine and nine tungsten blades to get the job done.

This grinder features an adjustable handlebar for a comfortable grip, a manual brake system to assist pivoting, and, in case of emergencies, it has a palm switch and safety pull. 

“This thing is brutal on stumps,” wrote one happy reviewer. “My stump was 24 inches or so and it ate through it like butter. The machine creates a nice wood mash that will be good for the soil too. Assembly is simple and I didn't have a problem with putting it together.”


Gas or Electric: Gas

Horsepower (HP): 14 HP

Max grinding height: 11 inches

Engine: Kohler Engine

Grinding Speed: 3600 RPM

BUY NOW: US$1,949, The Home Depot

2. Best Alternative Stump Grinder—Power King Stump Grinder with Tow Bar

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Power King’s PK0803-EH model is slightly more advanced than the PK0803-H model as it comes with a detachable tow bar, has an easier start-up since it is electric, and also features an hour meter for handy maintenance reminders. 

The cutting wheel is compatible with Green Teeth cutting teeth, and it has a 20-inch cutting range—11 inches above ground and nine inches below. 

“This is probably the best stump grinder for the amount of money that is out there on the market,” wrote one reviewer. “The engine choice is outstanding, runs great, plenty of power and gets the job done.”


Gas or Electric: Electric

Horsepower (HP): 14HP

Max grinding height: 11 inches

Engine: Kohler engine

Grinding Speed: 3600 RPM

BUY NOW: US$2,349, The Home Depot

3. Best Commercial Grinder—DK2 12-inch Stump Grinder

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The DK2 14HP stump grinder has a slightly bigger cutting range when compared to other stump grinders of similar size. 

Capable of cutting up to 12 inches of tree stump, the cutting wheel makes this possible by using extremely powerful blades. The heavy-duty sturdy frame is made to last and built for some of the toughest applications.

“Nice compact stump grinder,” wrote one reviewer. “Started right up after minor assembly, along with adding oil and gas. It turned out easier to use than I thought, although it can provide a bit of an upper-body workout. Shipped with a whole extra set of cutters.”


Gas or Electric: Gas

Horsepower (HP): 14HP

Max grinding height: 12 inches

Engine: Kohler Engine

Grinding Speed: 3600 RPM

BUY NOW: US$1,799, The Home Depot

4. Best 14-in Stump Grinder—DK2 14-inch Stump Grinder

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The DK2 14-inch stump grinder goes a little further than the DK2 12-inch above, with a maximum stump grinding height of up to 14 inches. Powered by a 14 HP commercial engine with electric start, this stump grinder delivers a solid performance when it comes to eliminating tree stumps.

The direct belt drive helps to avoid clutch slippage which adds to the efficiency when using this machine, and the deck belt tension system can be accessed easily, ultimately saving time. The detachable tow bar has a mounted trolley wheel which is also very convenient for transporting it from A to B.

“I was skeptical but as long as you know how to grind a stump, this thing is actually really good and fast, fast depending on how hard you want to work,” wrote one happy reviewer. “It does make you work a bit but I like a little work. So far, it's much better than the rentals I've used many times.”


Gas or Electric: Gas

Horsepower (HP): 14HP

Max grinding height: 14 inches

Engine: Kohler Engine

Grinding Speed: 3600 RPM

BUY NOW: US$2,799, The Home Depot

5. Best Compact Stump Grinder—All Power America Stump Grinder 

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For a compact option, great for getting in tight spaces, with great cutting power, the All Power America stump grinder is another good choice. 

This smaller stump grinder has impressive cutting power for its size and comes with a tow bar making transporting a lot smoother. 

One happy customer described the machine as a “beast” and added, “To my surprise, I felt the picture of this equipment doesn't do it justice! It was more heavy-duty than I anticipated.”


Gas or Electric: Gas

Horsepower (HP): 15HP

Max grinding height: 12 inches

Engine make: JD Engine

Grinding Speed: 2200 RPM

BUY NOW: US$1,860.06, Amazon

6. Best Residential Stump Grinder—Dosko Stump Grinder

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Although the Dosko stump grinder has a slightly smaller cutting grade when compared to other stump grinders, the lightweight design and adjustable handlebar that folds over the unit for portability, make it one of the easiest to use, compact, and comfortable stump grinders available to buy. 

This small stump grinder is built with a Honda engine and Green Teeth cutting teeth, which can be rotated for a fresh cutting edge, this stump grinder will get the job done with ease. 

“Good little grinder,” wrote one satisfied customer. “I've had it over a month and have ground up probably 15 stumps. The Honda motor starts every time and the Green Teeth are tough. I've hit plenty of rocks. They can be sharpened with a diamond or carbide tip grinder wheel.” 


Gas or Electric: Gas

Horsepower (HP): 6.5 HP

Max grinding height: 10 inches

Engine make: Honda gx engine

Grinding Speed: 4700 RPM

BUY NOW: US$2,899, Lowe’s

7. Best Stump Grinder For The Toughest Stumps—NorthStar Stump Grinder

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Engineered to be one of the safest and fastest stump grinders available on the market today, the NorthStar stump grinder will pulverize tree stumps with little hassle. 

The thick cutting wheel comes with eight carbide-tipped teeth which can grind stumps of up to 20 inches above ground level. It also features a uniquely designed discharge frame that conveniently disposes of wood chips away from the machine. 

“[It] took out over 100 stumps and [I] could not be more pleased,” explained one satisfied shopper who purchased this stump grinder a month ago and used it for a week on a piece of property their family has been clearing. “Most of the trees are cedar mixed with a few oak and the stumps ranged in size from 5–6 inches to 24 inches,” they added.


Gas or Electric: Recoil

Horsepower (HP): 13HP

Max grinding height: 20 inches

Engine make: Honda gx engine

Grinding Speed: 3600 RPM

BUY NOW: US$4,529.99,

8. Best Track Stump Grinder—Barreto Tracked Stump Grinder

FullHD_BARRETO-MFG-Tracked-Stump-Grinder-31-HP-B176-E30SGB-Side-1-min.jpg - a few seconds ago

Larger grinders like the Barreto tracked stump grinder are ideal for use in commercial settings, but could also be used residentially for landowners. This machine is a lot more heavy-duty and designed differently than some of the smaller stump grinders mentioned. For starters the engine is a lot more powerful, delivering a horsepower of 31HP. 

The cutter wheel is hydraulically driven and is raised and lowered into the stump, and is then moved from side to side to cut it away. Featuring 16 carbide teeth and an engine that is joined to two gear pumps that drive the cutter wheel, this machine makes light work of stump grinding even on the toughest stumps, with a cutting depth of 11 inches below ground and up to 31 inches above ground.

One happy buyer was so impressed with this machine after renting it for a day that they want to buy one for themselves. “Ground eight new cut oak from eight inches diameter to 36 inches in diameter,” they wrote, “and five old oak and sweetgum stumps plus some very small stuff in seven hours.”


Gas or Electric: Gas 

Horsepower (HP): 31

Max grinding height: 31 inches

Engine make: Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 

Grinding Speed: 290 ft per minute

BUY NOW: US$25,995, Acme Tools

The Best Stump Grinders—Summary

In summary, if you’re looking for one of the top stump grinders to tackle small stumps, perhaps in a residential setting, the Power King 11-inch stump grinder (US$1,949, The Home Depot) will serve you well. Alternatively, for a machine that will withstand rough terrains and bigger stumps, opting for the NorthStar stump grinder (US$4,529.99, Northern Tool) is a great idea.

We hope our review of the best stump grinders has been helpful, whether you were looking for premium stump grinders, or the best small stump grinder. For more suppliers of related products, including chainsaws, felling axes, handsaws, harnesses, and cranes, consult our additional guides, or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform.


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