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Top Bolts Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

This article covers the top bolts suppliers according to MDM’s rankings of the 2019 fasteners market. Read more

Top Lock Manufacturers in the USA

This article explains how a lock works and ranks the top manufacturers of locks in the United State, by their annual revenue. Read more

O-Ring Types and O-Ring Material Makeup - A Guide

O-ring types: This guide explains the pros and cons of the different O-ring material used for types of O-ring seals, based on application. Read more

The Best Drywall Anchors, According to 11,000+ Shoppers

Our list of the best drywall anchors has self-drilling drywall anchors, toggle drywall anchors, metal drywall anchors, and heavy-duty drywall anchors. Read more

Gasket Materials and Selection

What is a gasket? We look at the types of gasket and gasket materials–including metal, silicone, and soft rubber gasket material–and applications. Read more

The Best Nail Gun for Woodworking, According to 20,000+ Customer Reviews

A guide to the best nail guns for woodworking, with top-quality roofing nail guns, flooring, finishing, framing, and pin nailers, and brad nailer kits. Read more

The Best Clamps for Woodworking, According to 9,500+ Customer Reviews

Find the best clamps for woodworking, including bar clamps, C clamps, spring clamps, pipe clamps, and other wood clamps with different angles. Read more

Types of Clamps: Their Applications and Industries - A ThomasNet Buying Guide

An overview of the different types of clamps available—including pipe clamp types, and mechanical clamps—and their uses and applications. Read more

Understanding Pipe Fittings

This article covers the types of pipe fittings and pipe connection techniques used for pipe products of different materials, and their applications. Read more

Types of Shaft Couplings - A Thomas Buying Guide

What is coupling and what are the different types of shaft couplings? A look at the important attributes and applications of shaft coupling. Read more