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Fancy RestaurauntAre Paywall Restaurants Upon Us?

NFT ownership, members-only credit cards, and private "clubstaurants" are just some tactics modern restaurants are employing to help potential diners jump the reservation line. Read more

employee workingWhy Tuesday Is the Most Productive Day of the Week

If Monday is known for Monday blues, and Wednesday is hump day, what can we call Tuesday? Read more

Person using GoogleYou Will Never Guess What Google Was Once Called

Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin appear to have been fans of wordplay when it came to naming their newly created search engine back in 1996. Read more

Scleromochlus illustrationX-Rays Solve Prehistoric Mystery

Thanks to x-ray technology, scientists are slowly piecing together the elusive origins of the first vertebrates to achieve powered flight. Read more

Apple Watch with alertDoes Apple’s Crash Detection Work?

It does have some limitations. Read more

Mediterranean SeasideThe Mediterranean Sea’s Heat Is Forming Carbonate Crystals

A process known as stratification is affecting this body of water’s ability to process carbon dioxide. Read more

Candy cornCandy Corn's Time to Shine

Whether you like it or not, for one month of the year, it’s candy corn season. Read more

Pumpkin carving3 Patents Designed to Make Carving Pumpkins Easier

Fewer than 50 patents for pumpkin carving tools and kits have been submitted. Read more